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Introduction to PTC - Paid-To-Click

Introduction to PTC - Paid-To-Click

Paid-To-Click is simply the one from many ways to earn money online. It needs no money to invest at all and also it not needs any skills. It is a simple work. You just register yourself at the available PTC website and click the available ads and see each ad for just 30 seconds. For each ad you view they Pay you. Note the registration is free and it not charges any fees to register.

To transfer money or get money you need an online account. The most popular sites for online account are alert pay.com and Paypal.com. Most PTC site pay through these two account site. Alert pay offer to make free account without any registration fees and its service is available in Pakistan. But Paypal service is not available in Pakistan. Therefore you make an online account at Alert pay site. The link of the site is given below. And it is totally free to make account.

When you make account on alert pay then it takes 10 to 15 days to verify your account. The alert pay verification is very simple and you just provide the scan copy of your NIC and home address proof document. The further detail of account verification is provided on the Alert pay site.

Make Account in Alertpay

For Currency Tranfer you make account on

You make account on Alertpay for currency transfer to pakistan.Alertpay provid his servics in pakistna but paypal not provide in pakistan.

Alertpay Account is Free.

How PTC sites work

How PTC sites work

Now I describe in details how PTC sites work.
Actually when a new website is created then it is advertised such that most people visit this site and increase the site traffic. This way website becomes popular. Some company sales their product online. Now when people visit their site then some of them buy their product from their site. In this way the different companies advertise their product and increase the salary. They want more and more people visit their site and increased their salary.

For this purpose they contract with PTC site that if 1000 people visit their site then they pay them. In this way when you visit these sites they pay you. Some site provide 0.01$ for each ad and some provide 0.015$ for each ad you view.

Now I give you an example.

If you click 10 ads daily you get 0.10$. And it take 10 days to earn 1$. But if you refer your friends or other person and they make account from your reference then you get commission for each site your referral visit.

You click 10 ads daily = $0.10
If your 10 referrals click 10 ads daily = $1
Your one day earning = $1.10
Your one week earning= $7.70
Your one month earning= $33

If you have more referral then you get more commission.
Now I give the links of some PTC site. You register these sites and earn money.

First you create your account at these sites. After this you logon to your account and find the link surf ads. When you click the surf ads link you get the list of the ads you view. When you click each ad a timer will run for just 30 seconds. After 30 seconds a done message or good sign is display and you get the 1 cent credit into your account. You daily visit these sites and earn money for viewing ads.

Great PTC Check This

At Isabelmarco's Moneymaker, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites.Everybody above the age of 18 can join. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring members or Renting Refs or buy IMshares (with IMshares you can have a certain interest/day depending from the plan you choose). You'll get paid $0.006 ($0,009 for premium) for each website you personally view and $0.005 ($0,007 for premium) for each website your referrals view.


Check the following more links

PTC Site infinitebux

min $0.01
max $0.01
Referal level: 50%
Ads per day: 5
min payout $3

Earn money Without Skill

At ClixMakeSense, you get paid to click on and/or read quality ads and visit interesting websites.
You also get paid for completing offers round the world!
You will be paid up to $0.0075 for each sponsor website you visit, depending on the amount each advertiser specifies, and $0.15 or more for each offer you complete.
There is the ability of earning more by referring people, who could also benefit from the links and offers available.
A standard member will earn 45% of any of their referral earnings. There are also upgrades available that will help you to earn more..


* Earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) per click.
* Earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) for every ad your referrals click.
* Earn up to 10% of every purchase made here by your direct referrals.
* Low $2 Payout!! Instant Payment!!!

Best PTC Site


Without Investment

Earning Opportunity
At getpaidfasttoday.com, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You will get paid upto $0.01 per each ad you see for 20 seconds or more. You will earn upto $0.005 for each ad your direct refferals see too. If you upgrade to our premium membership you can earn even more.

Best Way on Money making

Free members (Non-Premium members) will receive $0.01 for each referral and will receive $2.00 if their direct referral upgrades to a Premium account. You will also receive 10% of revenues generated from your referrals' ad purchases.

Easy way to make money

» You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
» Your daily earnings = $2.10
» Your weekly earnings = $14.70
» Your monthly earnings = $63.00
» Referral: simpleway


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